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About This Project

On February 1st, 2013 we embarked upon a year-long journey across the United States in an Airstream travel trailer. We want to experience as much of the country as we possibly can, but we want you to decide what we see, do, visit and eat. You make a suggestion for anywhere or anything you think we should experience. People can vote on your suggestion, thumbs up or thumbs down, and you can vote on other people's suggestions. We go to the suggestions with the highest votes, document our experience there, and share it with you on our blog.

Meet the Crew

John Ellis

John, originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, spent the last three years living in New York and working as the studio manager and assistant for photographer Jay Maisel. He is a full-time freelance web developer and designs and builds websites for artists and photographers through his company, Seriously Awesome. John is also a talented photographer, having studied at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. He's a handyman extraordinaire and plays around on the guitar every now and then.

Laura Preston

Laura moved to New York from Dallas, Texas in 2006 to get her undergraduate degree in art history. After graduating, she worked at a specialty coffee shop, a Thai restaurant (where John and Laura met), and a fancy cocktail speakeasy which allowed her the flexibility and free time to pursue traveling and make art. She's a big food nerd and loves cooking, eating delicious food, wandering around markets, and blogging about food. She has worked on sustainable farms in California and France and hopes to help out on a few more during the trip.


We adpopted Bulleit from the SPCA of Texas during our stay in Dallas. He's about three and a half years old, but pretends like he's 80 most of the time, judging by the amount of time he spends sleeping. We're pretty sure he's a Golden Irish mixed with an Australian Shepherd. He's about the friendliest, most obedient, car-ride loving dog we've ever seen, which works out really well for us.

So far we've taught him how to shake, kiss, and hug it out. We have plans to teach him how to balance things on his nose, carry our gear up mountains, and play dead.

About Loretta

Loretta is our beautiful, 34-foot 1986 Airstream Excella. John's mom bought her in 2006 and completely renovated the interior. For the past two years, she's been sitting in storage outside of Jacksonville, Florida. So we decided to put her to good use and take her around the country with us. She's very spacious but nice and cozy. There's a full functioning kitchen, a bathroom, bedroom complete with a memory foam mattress, a couch and diner booth with leopard print upholstery, and lots of storage space. It's where we live, work, eat and sleep. Loretta is home.


  • Year: 1986
  • Make: Airstream
  • Model: Excella
  • Length: 34 ft
  • Space: ~230 Sq. Ft.

About B.B.

B.B. is our trusty steed; a 1996 Ford F-350. She's the biggest truck you can possibly get with a 7.3L diesel engine, dual rear wheels, dual gas tanks, a double cab and a long bed. She's a big, comfy ride and has no problem hauling Loretta around. Luckily, she came with a bed cap; we turned the trunk into our garage. She guzzles gas like a fat kid eats cake, but we love her anyways.


  • Year: 1996
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F-350 XLT
  • Length: 21 ft
  • Engine: 7.3L Diesel


We've had the great fortune of being featured in both of our hometowns' newspapers, on the UK's Daily Mail blog, and even on TV!


The very nature of this project requires a full-time commitment from both of us. In an effort to defray the cost of near-daily traveling, we are currently looking for interesting and admirable partners to sponsor this project. If you or your company are interested, please reach us at yourstruly-at-thedemocratictravelers-dot-com

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! If you have a question, a comment, love mail, hate mail, or just want to chat, hit us up! yourstruly-at-thedemocratictravelers-dot-com