The Democratic Travelers was an experiment in social media, travel, and alternative (without being weird) lifestyles. For two and a half years, we lived (and worked) on the road full-time, exploring the United States of America based on the suggestions and votes of strangers on the internet. We went to 39 states and tackled 184 of the 518 suggestions on our map.

Our 34-foot Airstream Excella served as our apartment and home-office on wheels, and housed the two of us, our two dogs and one cat.

July 2018 Update: Although this project is no longer active, we're still on the road! You can catch our most recent escapades in our new Airstream on Instagram @thelonglongairstream!

How it Worked

Icon map

On our map, suggest something you think we should see or do.

Use the search bar to find the place you think we should go. Once you've found it, tell us what we should do there and why.

Icon vote

Vote 'yay' or 'nay' on the submitted suggestions.

All of the submitted suggestions are up for voting. Vote up or down on suggestions that you think sound neat (or not so neat). You can vote on each suggestion one time.

Icon magazine

We visit the highest-voted places and document them.

When it's time for us to move to the next place, we'll check the map and head towards the closest place with the most votes and blog about it.

Meet the Crew


John Ellis

A web designer/developer and photographer by day, and an amateur guitarist, cosmologist, handyman, diesel truck mechanic, electrician, plumber, and dog-whisperer the rest of the time.


Laura Preston

A virtual executive/personal assistant by day, and a quilter, hardcore foodie, and chef extraordinaire by night. She's also the more sensible of the two, and a much better navigator.

Bulleit (yes, like the bourbon)


Marlow (a.ka. Frankenweenie)


Papa (New Guinea)


The Rig

We lived and worked in this 1986 34-foot Airstream Excella — a triple-axle aluminum tube that has all the comforts of home, including a a full kitchen, a shower, and a queen-sized bed.

Press & Media


We were honored to be selected as two of National Geographic's Travelers of the Year in 2013.

Toy 2013

We've also had the good fortune to be featured on Mashable, Hypeness (a Brazilian site), The Dallas Morning News, The Daily Mail Blog, Right This Minute TV, The Sun Sentinel, and on the podcasts The Candid Frame and Extra Pack of Peanuts.