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We Have Some Exciting News Drum Roll Pleaseā€¦

For those of you who don't believe in social media and only read the blog, we have A LOT of exciting news to share with you! And for those who follow all our everythings and already know what we're going to announce...there's more!

We remembered that this blog is a platform not only for what we did three months ago (we promise we're catching up!), but for what's going on in our lives right now. So here's what's up.

We were selected as one of National Geographic's 2013 Travelers of the Year!

We can't say enough that we are so so so incredibly humbled to have been chosen out from a pool of 1,500 nominations. And to be among ten fellow Travelers of the Year who are doing some really amazing humanitarian work around the world is truly an honor.

But we're also ridiculously excited! This kind of exposure will hopefully open a lot of doors for us. Since we've started our trip, people have been asking us if we have sponsorships, if we're going to write a book, whether we're crowd-funding our travels. The answer to everything so far has been "no", but now that our reach has been majorly extended, we hope that we can say "yes" to at least one of those questions within the next year.

P.S. We're also up for People's Choice Travelers of the Year. You can vote for us every day until October 25th!

And speaking of next year, we have another exciting announcement.

We've extended the length of our trip to "indefinitely"!

We've fallen in love with the lifestyle and can't imagine settling down in one place anytime soon. Working on the road has proved to be sustainable (with a few ups and downs) and we have some much more of this incredible country to see, so we're just gonna keep on keepin' on. John officially inherited the Airstream and we have plans to make Loretta more environmentally-friendly and off-the-grid-capable with solar panels, LED lights and might even convert the truck to run off biodiesel. And maybe, one day, we'll have an actual RV refrigerator.

And to all of you who have submitted your suggestions, voted on suggestions, followed our travels on any form of internets, told your friends about us, bought us a beer, shared a meal with us and just have been generally awesome towards us: THANK YOU!!! Seriously, what we're doing couldn't happen without you. Literally. You have made the past eight months so great for us. We can only hope that repaying you with words and pictures of our travels is enough.

And with all that said, we'd like to raise our glass to National Geographic, the future and you.

We can't wait to see what happens.

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